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Advanced Open Water

Take Your  Certification to the Next Level

This is the next step after your initial Open Water Scuba Diver certification.  This course is for divers who want to learn new skills, improve their awareness and gain more confidence.  Advanced Open Water consist of five different adventure dives and can be completed in two days with three dive trips.   You are required to complete the navigation dive and the deep dive but the other three choices are up to you.  You can choose between:

                  - Night Diver - Search & Recovery - Wreck Diver - Underwater Naturalist - AWARE Fish I.D. - Boat Diver - 

- Drift Diver - Digital Underwater Imaging - Peak Performance Buoyancy -

We offer two different ways to take this class:

Class Description

Traditional Book (2 Days)

This class takes two days to complete but will require a little book work.  You can pick up your AOW book from The Dive Shop and discuss with your Instructor what adventure dives appeal to you.  The shop is located along the canal next to Port O'Call.  Our address is: 39 Fishing Village, Key Largo.  

In the book you only need to complete the knowledge review for the five specific adventure dives you are completing making the academic portion of this class go by much faster than your Open Water Class.  There are no quizzes or exams!

Due to the nature of this sport it is always a good idea to keep an extra day open in case of weather or complications with the academic portion or skills portion.

PADI e-Learning (2 Days)

You can also complete this course online through PADI E-Learning.  This allows you to do all the academics online on your own time before coming to Ocean Reef.  Before signing up we suggest you give us a call to discuss adventure dives as some of the options for E-Learning we do not teach such as Ice Diving.

Due to the nature of this sport it is always a good idea to keep an extra day open in case of weather or complications with the academic portion or skills portion.


Advanced Open Water Schedule

The Scheduling is up to you and your instructors availability.  Due to the fact that there is no classroom or pool, you can choose three different dive trips you would like to take.  Whether you want to get it done in 2 days or space it out over the course of the week is up to you.  We are available to go out mornings, afternoons and even night dives!

Peak Performance Buoyancy 

Fish Identification

Wreck Diving

And one of our favorites is the Night Adventure Dive!

What Adventure Dives Does The Dive Shop Recommend?


Requirements for Advanced Open Water

  • Must already be Open Water certified

  • Book 72 hours in advance

  • Must be 12 years of age

  • Complete a medical form and student record file.  Divers under the age of 18 will need a signature from a parent or guardian.

  • For divers using PADI e-Learning, all sections must be completed before your scheduled class time. 


Prices For Advanced Open Water

Course with AOW book or with PADI Online  e-Learning (2 Days/ 3 Trips): $770 ++

This price includes all gear, tanks and instruction.

The "++" refers to Ocean Reef Clubs taxes and gratuity.

Divers age 12-14 recieve a Jr Advanced Open Water with a depth limit of 70 feet.  Divers 15 and up have a depth limit of 130 feet!

How deep underwater will I be able to go?



More Information

  • If during the pool session you realize you do not enjoy diving we will only charge you for the pool session instead of the full course.​

  • This certification last forever, however if you go more than 2 years without diving we insist that you complete a refresher course.

  •  Divers between ages 10-14 will be certified to go to a depth of 40 feet, Divers 15 and up are certified to a depth of 60 feet.  To go deeper please see our Advanced Open Water Course.

  • If you have other certified divers in your group they are more then welcome to tag along with you during your ocean dives.

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