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Try Scuba Diving

PADI Discover Scuba Diving

The quickest and easiest way to explore the under water world without all books and classroom.  This class last 1 day and no prior experience or certification is needed.  Experience the thrill of diving under direct supervision of a PADI professional. 

Class Description

Meet at the dive shop at 9am to begin a short introductory video.  The Dive Shop is conveniently located in the Fishing Village inside the Ocean Reef Club.  The shop is located along the canal next to Port O'Call.  Our address is: 39 Fishing Village, Key Largo.

After a brief introductory we fit you for gear and head to the pool to practice a couple skills.  The pool portion allows you to get comfortable and familiar with your gear, instructor and the art of diving. 


The pool session usually ends by 11:30am and we break for lunch.  At 12:30 we meet back at the shop to board our boat and make our way out to Key Largo's famous coral reefs.  Here you will get to complete two dives at two different coral reef locations.  You will be under direct supervision of your instructor throughout the course to ensure that you are comfortable, safe and having fun.  


Discover Scuba Diving Schedule

9:00am Meet at The Dive Shop

9:30am - 11:30am Practice Diving in the pool

11:30am-12:30pm Break for Lunch

12:30-4pm Dive at 2 different coral reef locations

There are sharks but consider yourself lucky if you get to see one. Sharks are scared of us so sightings are rare. Our most common shark is a docile nurse shark 

What if I start the class but 


Requirements for Discover Scuba Diving

  • Must Book 24 hours in advance

  • Must Pass the Medical Questionnaire Form 

  • Minimum age of 10

  • If you are under 18 a parent or guardian's signature is required


Prices For Discover Scuba Diving

$412.50 ++

This price includes all gear, tanks and instruction

The "++" refers to Ocean Reef Clubs taxes and gratuity

We recommend that you take some seasick medication the night before your trip, and then again an hour before departure.

I'm not sure if I get sea sick or not, what should I do?



More Information

  • If during the pool session you realize you do not enjoy diving we will only charge you for the pool session instead of the full course.​

  • Once the pool session is completed you may dive with the same PADI professional for up to seven days without completing the pool portion again.

  • This course does count towards your PADI Open Water Dive Certification

  • If you have other certified divers in your group they are more then welcome to tag along with you during your ocean dives.

Try Scuba
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